• KNX Power Supply 640mA

    KNX Power Supply 640mA
    Datec Electronic

    KNX Power Supply 640mA used to power a KNX line. Equipped with an auxilary output 30VDC. Total current limited to 1.2A. Protected against short circuit and surges on the KNX line.

  • Flush mounted 8 binary inputs KNX module

    Flush mounted 8 binary inputs KNX module
    Datec Electronic

    Module 8 digital inputs also built with 8 outputs for LED status. In addition, the inputs can be used for both push buttons or connecting temperature sensors!

  • Flush mounted switch actuator 4-channels

    Flush mounted switch actuator 4-channels

    Datec Electronic

    Flush mounted actuator with 4 outputs 10A. Also equipped with 8 digital inputs for push buttons and 4 outputs for LED status!

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