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Flush mounted KNX actuator

Flush mounted KNX actuators are used to control lighting, blinds, ventilation and heating from the KNX bus.

Flush mounted KNX actuators can be installed closed to the equipments to reduce wiring.

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  • DATEC Electronic AG - Flush mounted switch actuator 4-channels 10A The switch actuator 4-channels is a flush mounted KNX device for lighting and shutter applications in homes, offices, hotel rooms, … The 4 dry contacts can be used for switching max. 4 channels or driving 2 shutters/ blinds. The device also features 8 general use digital inputs and 4...

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  • DATEC Electronic AG - KNX / DALI actuator 1x 8 channels  The KNX / DALI Gateway is a device for controlling and monitoring up to 8 DALI ballast. With its KNX input which is transformed into a DALI signal it is not necessary to have complex electrical installations, and due to its decentralized housing it can be installed near the lighting equipment...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items